Things You Need to Understand About the Keto Diet

Things You Need to Understand About the Keto Diet

The ketogenic (or keto) diet has been around for 90 years. It was originally designed to treat individuals with epilepsy who responded nicely to how it reproduces a fasting state while enabling patients to eat and get nourishment. According to, the principles of the keto diet is very restrictive. Cutting out fats and specific vegetables and fruits together with sugar might have some benefits, but the extended duration might be risky. Since the keto diet is not nutritionally complete, as some experts put it, this post will share some of the few things that you need to understand before trying this particular type of diet.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

ScaleLosing weight is quite common on the keto diet, however, the first two or three pounds you lose will likely be “water weight” – water that your body normally retains when you consume carbohydrates. You will notice the drop in scale, and this can be energizing, but at this stage, you are only losing water, not fat.

People are often disappointed because their rate of fat loss decreases after the first month, but this is healthy. Along with weight loss, many men and women feel they have more energy and mental clarity with this diet program. Also, sugar cravings become non-existent after the first few months.

Will I Feel Hungry?

man eatingHunger is not common to the keto diet. Fat is satiated, so you may not feel hungry for several days if you follow the keto diet. That is okay because many keto practitioners apply intermittent fasting, which allows you for a shorter intake, such as only 8-12 hours a day, then immediately for the rest of the time. But keep in mind that fasting is not without medical problems. However, it is not for everyone.

For some people, it triggers irritability, promotes nutrient deficiencies, and often leads to muscle loss instead of fat loss. In this regard, it is advisable to consult your doctor before trying it.

Are There Other Benefits Beyond Weight Loss?

Studies have shown that the keto diet has health benefits beyond weight loss, such as improved blood sugar levels, insulin sensitivity, and cholesterol numbers. But it is unclear whether it’s the keto diet or the corresponding weight loss that is responsible for improvements in some specific medical markers. More research is still needed regarding the keto diet, especially on its long-term effects on the body, and the impact of the diet plan once someone decides to incorporate a more sustainable meal plan.