The ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals

The ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals

The concept of beauty is one that revolves around beauty creams and chemicals long known to grant the host pale and fair skin. It is a fact that beauty creams and skin whitening chemicals have been in use since the 18th century periods, where men and women alike turned to chemicals like mercury with the intention of attaining a certain skin tone that was deemed beautiful.

This trend still holds till now, and more often than not, you will find that most of the skin care products and creams still employ the same ingredients that allow the user to bleach one’s skin in order to get a desired and even skin tone. Skin whitening chemicals are useful, and there is no denying the results, but at what cost does one pay after long-term use of skin whitening chemicals?

Components of skin whitening chemicals

Most of those skin creams and whitening chemicals are products of various types of ingredients and compounds, such as hydroquinone, steroids, and tretinoin. Others also use mercury as the primal ingredient. These particular chemical compounds are the ones responsible for skin bleaching and whitening in beauty creams, but each of these components has their own level of risks upon the skin, hence the ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals.

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Research has shown that in some places where there is prolonged use of such skin creams, for example, India, women around the age of 30-40 years have reported such ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals, which mostly involve the prolonged whitening of the skin, a highly irreversible condition referred to as ochronosis.

Additional ill effects

In addition to prolonged skin discoloration, other ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals include:

  • Aging of skin: occurs prematurely and the direct result of the long use of skin creams.
  • Development of various skin allergic reactions and other forms of skin irritations.
  • Cancer-related effects: the skin deteriorates to the extent that it becomes much easier to succumb to skin cancer as a result of exposure to radiation from the sun.
  • Development of a blue-black skin tone and cracking along with blistering of the skin.

These are some of the more general effects of beauty chemicals, so be informed of what kind of beauty creams you are using to fit your goals. Recall that chemical compounds like steroids, hydroquinone and mercury can do more harm than good upon application on the skin.


Prolonged use of skin whitening chemicals that have steroids in them can make the skin lose its density and become thinner. In addition, it loses its ability to heal when it gets wounded, and you become more prone to dangerous skin infections.


hydroquinoneBesides causing the irreversible discoloration condition, hydroquinone has been proven to cause intense allergic reactions to the skin, such as rashes, itching, and swelling, even around the face and throat. In some severe cases, it also causes breathing difficulties and dizziness.

In conclusion, mercury in its natural form is poisonous, so any application of a skin chemical containing it can cause untold and severe effects. So, you should avoid this chemical especially when you are aiming to lighten the skin on your private parts.