Getting Rid of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Getting Rid of Sciatic Nerve Pain

Nerve pain can be caused by several things, such as degenerative disc disease, narrowing of the spinal cord with age, a nerve in the disc, or even poor posture. The sciatic nerve runs along the back from the lower leg and in the area of the feet from the thighs. If compressed, the pain can be unbearable. There are a variety of procedures for sciatica treatment that help eliminate sciatic nerve pain. Below you can see.


Stockpiling food such as vitamins and supplements is the perfect choice. Overweight or obese people should consider whether they can carry the load. The likelihood of suffering from sciatica will increase. Calcium deficiency causes nerve pain and can lead to nerve pain.
Sciatic nerve pain can be controlled and sometimes fully treated with proper diet, herbal remedies and exercise. Visit Women Daily Magazine for more information about Nerve Pain Relief.


ice packA lump can reduce any type of swelling and numbness associated with muscle tissue that causes nerve pain or paralysis and should be used for severe pain.

Heat helps to increase the circulation of oxygen and nutrients to the specific area and should be used when the pain decreases.

Warm Bath

Soaking for 2 hours for about 20 minutes helps to relieve the pain. If it’s too painful to sit, shower for about 20 minutes will help reduces the pain. But if possible, let the water in the tub rises from your feet. This will accelerate the flow of blood from your toes through your body.


Herbs have been used for centuries as a remedy to relieve pain from conditions such as arthritis, muscle, swelling, wounds and injuries. Almost all medicines have been preserved.



This ancient method of pain treatment has gained people’s recognition and it is effective. It is believed that acupuncture spreads out the called pathogen which activates Qi energy that helps to stop the pain.

Back Pain Exercise

Pain exercises such as stretching and strengthening exercises will help train the muscles to support the spine. Exercises for sciatic nerve pain include hip and buttock stretching, which are back, neck and shoulder stretching. Therefore, all these stretches are performed and must be maintained for about 20 seconds to avoid injury.