A Review on the Various Types of Fasting

A Review on the Various Types of Fasting

smoothiesFasting may indicate plenty of different things to different folks. Some people today believe fasting means not consuming anything, be it water or food, for some time. Nowadays, there are various modes of fasting, including water fasting. Others believe fasting means just not eating for a brief period, for example, 16 hours. Technically, both are right and would offer some advantages, but it is about finding a happy medium. One that provides you the maximum benefits with minimal effort. Let us look at the different types of fasting.

Dry Fast

Fasting means not drinking or eating anything for some time. And that is what we’d think about a dry fast. Additionally, this is the one kind of fast I would never recommend for anyone. Dry fasting causes unnecessary damage. Extensive research has been done into this subject, and there is no good reason you’d want to avoid drinking water. Then, in addition to this, you may only survive a couple of days with no water.

Wet Fast

This is the same as a dry fast, but you can drink water during a wet fast without any limits. It eliminates the majority of the drawbacks of a dry fast, but it is still something I would recommend to seasoned fasters. If you’ve never fasted before, your body is not likely to be prepared for it, causing many different issues. On the flip side, if you have entered a fasting interval through safer means, then your body has an opportunity to get knowledgeable about this and which lets you bypass a good deal of the drawbacks.

Intermittent Fast

woman yogaIt has turned into a favorite diet fad over the past few years, and I am sure that you’ve heard of it before. I have seen people do so in various ways, but the very typical method is the 8-hour feed followed by a 16-hour fast. This works so well because our bodies are in a feeding manner for about 12 hours after we consume. And anything after that’s a fasting period, one which begins to provide us the advantages.

I want to mention that although intermittent fasting has some advantages, it does not have the very same benefits as the other kinds of fasting. That said, it’s a terrific stepping stone for anyone who would like to go from the conventional diet plan and prepare their own body for fasting. Which then makes it possible for you to perform a whole fast and get all of the benefits.