First aid kit

First aid kit

One will never know when an accident will occur. This is why first aid kits are a must for every home, office and even car. These first aid kits help reduce the severity of injuries or ailments. The kits will help in treating cuts, injuries such as burns, sprains, scrapes and other injuries.

What should be contained in the kit


There are various types of bandages one should have in the kit. They include the butterfly bandages which help in holding together the cut edges to allow individual healing.

Wrapped gauze help in stopping bleeding and prevention of contamination of the wound.

The adhesive tape holds the dressing in place while chemical ice parks go a long way in helping instant relief to injured parts.

A first aid handbook is also necessary to help anyone without the knowledge of handling a cut or injuries know what they should do.

An antiseptic is also necessary to clean open wounds and a sanitizer to clean hands for the person who will be attending to the injured person.

Latex gloves are also necessary to help the person attending to the injured from getting exposed to blood and other bodily fluids of the injured.

necessary to help the person attending


Common medicines that should be included include painkillers such as aspirin, antihistamines for allergic reactions are also necessary, stomach medicines that can help with indigestion and even antidiarrheal.

Importance of the kits

Faster response

It is easy to prevent an injury from getting serious when the kit is available. This makes it easy to make a fast response to emergency situations. In case of an emergency situation, time is always of an essence to help in making the situation better. Some injuries worsen when it takes long before they can be attended to. These kits ensure this does not happen.

Saves blood

Most injuries may involve loss of blood which we have in limited supply in our bodies. Having this kit will enhance fast response to stop bleeding hence easy to save on blood. When blood is saved it means a life is out of harm’s way.


Most business should have first aid kits. This is a requirement by the law that first aid is done to an injured individual before medical help arrives. Instead of facing charges for non-compliance it better to have the kit.

Accidents are non-expected

No one ever knows when an accident will occur. The fact that one can be prepared by having this kit reduces the chances of panicking hence make it easy to provide the needed medical care. There should be someone who should check the kit and audit its contents to ensure everything is available.

Cost savings

Besides saving blood and life, these kits also save costs. It is easier to get first aid done then travel to a clinic in stable condition than waiting for an ambulance which may take long and even more costs involved to cater for the ambulance transport.

First aid kit

Peace of mind

Having the kit will help in maintaining peace of mind should any emergency occur. This is because one can easily attend to the emergency situation hence save the situation.