The ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals

The ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals

The concept of beauty is one that revolves around beauty creams and chemicals long known to grant the host pale and fair skin. It is a fact that beauty creams and skin whitening chemicals have been in use since the 18th century periods, where men and women alike turned to chemicals like mercury with the intention of attaining a certain skin tone that was deemed beautiful.

This trend still holds till now, and more often than not, you will find that most of the skin care products and creams still employ the same ingredients that allow the user to bleach one’s skin in order to get a desired and even skin tone. Skin whitening chemicals are useful, and there is no denying the results, but at what cost does one pay after long-term use of skin whitening chemicals?

Components of skin whitening chemicals

Most of those skin creams and whitening chemicals are products of various types of ingredients and compounds, such as hydroquinone, steroids, and tretinoin. Others also use mercury as the primal ingredient. These particular chemical compounds are the ones responsible for skin bleaching and whitening in beauty creams, but each of these components has their own level of risks upon the skin, hence the ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals.

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Research has shown that in some places where there is prolonged use of such skin creams, for example, India, women around the age of 30-40 years have reported such ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals, which mostly involve the prolonged whitening of the skin, a highly irreversible condition referred to as ochronosis.

Additional ill effects

In addition to prolonged skin discoloration, other ill effects of harsh skin whitening chemicals include:

  • Aging of skin: occurs prematurely and the direct result of the long use of skin creams.
  • Development of various skin allergic reactions and other forms of skin irritations.
  • Cancer-related effects: the skin deteriorates to the extent that it becomes much easier to succumb to skin cancer as a result of exposure to radiation from the sun.
  • Development of a blue-black skin tone and cracking along with blistering of the skin.

These are some of the more general effects of beauty chemicals, so be informed of what kind of beauty creams you are using to fit your goals. Recall that chemical compounds like steroids, hydroquinone and mercury can do more harm than good upon application on the skin.


Prolonged use of skin whitening chemicals that have steroids in them can make the skin lose its density and become thinner. In addition, it loses its ability to heal when it gets wounded, and you become more prone to dangerous skin infections.


hydroquinoneBesides causing the irreversible discoloration condition, hydroquinone has been proven to cause intense allergic reactions to the skin, such as rashes, itching, and swelling, even around the face and throat. In some severe cases, it also causes breathing difficulties and dizziness.

In conclusion, mercury in its natural form is poisonous, so any application of a skin chemical containing it can cause untold and severe effects. So, you should avoid this chemical especially when you are aiming to lighten the skin on your private parts.

Importance Of Balanced Diet For Kids

Importance Of Balanced Diet For Kids

Are you wondering why the heck you should even care about your kids eating a balanced diet? Although opinions widely vary on this topic, I’d like to quickly define for you exactly what a balanced diet is, and then give you three simple and agreed upon reasons why your kids should eat one.

A balanced diet, loosely defined, means choosing a wide variety of foods and drinks from all the major food groups. I think it should also include eating protein, carbohydrate, and fat with every meal. Having a little of each macronutrient with every time they eat is important for a lot of reasons, two of the biggest ones being stabilizing insulin levels and keeping their energy levels even through the day.

Reasons for balanced diet

familyBut really – who cares? What good does this do you? Here are three important reasons why you should be paying attention to balancing out their diet:

More energy

A big shot of carbs all at once will give them a quick energy rush followed by a period of sluggishness. All protein and no carbs will leave kids without energy as well. Eating a proportional amount of carbs, protein, and fat with a meal and keeping their portion sizes reasonable ensures that they have an even energy to draw from through the day.

Good health

Over the long term, any diet that’s too heavy on one thing to the exclusion of others – whether that’s low fat, high protein, or high fat – is setting them up for failure and bad health. They’ll miss out on certain nutrients if they don’t get a variety of different foods in their diet.

A healthy weight

Although it doesn’t guarantee anything, a balanced diet will certainly help them stay at a healthy weight.

It increases metabolism

boy eatingThere is another positive to employing proper balance in food choices: Their metabolism may be increased as a result. Proper intake of the good food in the proper manner keeps a metabolism moving. When their metabolism slows down, you can gain weight. This is doubly true with children who are why a proper diet that is effectively balanced is a must for those looking to maintain the health of their children.

A balanced diet is defined, in its most basic form, as eating a variety of foods and drinks from all major food groups. More energy, good health, and a healthy weight are some of the simple and agreed upon reasons why you should focus on eating a balanced diet.

Causes Of Back Pain

Causes Of Back Pain


The human back is a compound structure composed of bones, muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, discs and bones. Back pain can occur if there is any problem in any of these parts. In some cases, the reason behind back pain remains unknown as it is difficult to identify the precise cause of back pain. Most general causes behind back pain are minor sprains, strains or injuries or aggravated nerve.

Causes behind back pains

Muscle strains in skeletal muscle

back painsThere are skeletal muscles in our back. Causes of pain in skeletal muscle tissue include muscle strains, muscle imbalances, and muscle spasm.


A bone in the lower back slips forward and out of place. This is called arthritis, which deteriorates the duals and ligaments keeping the spine in place. It can move a disc forward over a vertebra.

Bending and twisting awkwardly

If someone bends down awkwardly or for a long time might get back pain for a day or two. But if this continues it might get worse. Again if you twist yourself ruthlessly, you might get back pain for a long time.

Lifting heavy objects

One may get back pain by lifting a heavy object or carrying it for a long occasion.


back painsStretching is good for the body. After a long tiring work sitting on the chair, you might need to stretch yourself. But over-stretching can add extra back pain to your problems.

Sitting in a Curved Position

In school, college, offices we sit curved in front of our desk for a long period without taking any rest. This causes pain in our back. It occurs slowly and can affect our physical structure of the body. We should sit straight when we work on our desk.

Strain injury

Athletics use their muscle tissue while practicing or playing any game. Sometime overusing the muscle can lead to strain injury.

Gaining overweight

People who gain overweight can get back pain. The extra weight on body puts extra pressure on the spine. This results in back pain. One can easily get rid of back pain by cutting off that extra weight.


Smokers get back pain more often than others. Smokes damage the inner tissues of human body. It injures the bones and weakens them. This creates a long-term pain in the lower back. They also suffer from chest pain.

Being pregnant

wqweqedefrA would-be mother gains a lot of weight during her pregnancy. The weight of the baby creates a strain on the back. It is a common case that every mother goes through this period.